• Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Model : FI-108
Model: FI-108 Pneumatic file. Designed with a safety trigger. Equipped with a striking red rubber grip. Add a warm touch.
The linear stroke is as fine as 7mm. Very fine meticulous. Medium speed operation is 6500d.pm. Product length is 221mm. Weight is 1.7lbs 0.8kg. Thread configuration is available with PT.PF. Available. Air consumption is very saving. Only 0.3 m³ /min, air pipe size standard: 6.4mm.. Air inlet size: 1/4"
At the same time, we have FI-D05-F01 3pcs/set chisel set file blades for purchase. It makes it easier for you to get consumables.
Model Linear Stroke Stroke Speed Overal Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
mm b.p.m.  mm  lbs  kg  m³/min  PT(in.)  mm kg/cm²
FI-108 7 6500 221 1.7 0.8 0.3 1/4" 10 6.3