• Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Model : FI-S03
Model: FI-S03 feel calm black appearance. Matched with white gold shiny surface airboss boutique-like texture brand trademark. Highlighting the distinctive product positioning.
The linear stroke is fine to 0.3mm. Very fine meticulous. High-speed left and right side swing grinding. Up to 56000d.pm. Product length 218mm. Very light. Only 0.4lbs. 0.2kg. Thread configuration has PT.BSP.PF.NPT options .Environmental protection and save gas consumption. Only 0.6 m³/min is required.
Model Linear Stroke Stroke Speed Overal Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
mm b.p.m.  mm  lbs  kg  m³/min  PT(in.)  mm kg/cm²
FI-S03 0.3 56000 218 0.4 0.2 0.6 1/4 6.4 6.3