• Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Model : FI-S07
Model: FI-S07 feel calm black appearance. Matched with sapphire blue. AIRBOSS boutique-like texture brand trademark. Highlighting the distinctive product positioning.
The linear stroke is fine to 0.7mm. Very fine meticulous. High-speed left and right side swing grinding. Up to 20000d.pm. Product length 218mm. Very light. Only 0.4lbs. 0.2kg. Thread configuration has PT.BSP.PF.NPT options . Air pipe size standard: 6.4mm. Environmental protection and save gas consumption. Only 0.2 m³/min. Air inlet size: 1/4"
Model Linear Stroke Stroke Speed Overal Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
mm b.p.m.  mm  lbs  kg  m³/min  PT(in.)  mm kg/cm²
FI-S07 0.7 20000 218 0.4 0.2 0.2 1/4 6.4 6.3