Air Turbolap, Air File & Saw

Use the ultrasonic file produced by the AIRBOSS pneumatic tool manufacturer. The final finishing work piece of the air saw. The surface is smooth and smooth. Especially suitable for mold manufacturing. Jewelry industry. The final finishing stage of automobile steel rims. Wheels. High-precision parts Grind.

The main body of Airboss ultrasonic file is made of metal, and the connecting rod and sleeve are made of high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel. It is made of CNC (computer numerical control) CMC (computer machining center). It is precise and durable. No matter straight or swing type. Available High-speed running characteristics. Wear resistance.

The FI air turbolap series air tools have straight, left and right directions. The design is considerate. It meets the needs of consumers for the elimination, removal and polishing of burrs on the workpiece products. The fine repair needs of different parts.

The surface of the product is exquisite. The internal parts are precise. Very ergonomic. The warm and comfortable rubber handle. The color is distinguished and managed. It is easy for consumers to identify. The type of straight and left and right directions. Economical and affordable. Take care of consumers. Configure silencer settings. Reduce noise. Ergonomics. Easy to control and operate.