Air Angle Grinders

AIRBOSS AIR TOOLS pneumatic angle grinders is all industrial-grade pneumatic angle grinders: exquisite appearance. The motor is made of steel. It is matched with precision gears to make the tool life longer.The blades and bearings made in Japan. Very durable. All products have passed the international standard CE certification.

Angle grinder. Collet size: 6mm. Accurate concentricity. Low vibration. Low noise. Rich in size. Available from 2".4". 5" 7" 9". Fully meet customer and market needs. And configuration Good quality grinding wheel cover.

Air Angle Grinder. Consider the different needs of consumers. Provide different choices of knobs and Lever Type (safety triggers) For continuous use. High-frequency user knobs can help you improve work efficiency. Improve performance.

Suitable for industries: industry, shipbuilding, petrochemical. Used for dressing and grinding workpieces for rough grinding. Make it smooth and flat. Long life. Stable and durable.