Air Straight Grinders

The SG series of straight grinders produced by AIRBOSS pneumatic tools are industrial grade. Applicable industries. Ships. petroleum and petrochemicals. Minerals and other heavy industry industries. Its product features are as follows:

Airboss uses steel motors. It has better wear resistance. And has good air tightness.. Wear resistance. high temperature resistance. low vibration. long service life. You can choose Lever type(safety trigger type) or knob type according to your customer needs.

The rotor blades of the straight grinder are imported from Japan. High strength. wear resistance. low expansion coefficient and long service life.

Airboss is all industrial-grade pneumatic straight grinders. Product features: use Precision processing machine CNC.MCVproduction. Not only has the exquisite aluminum alloy die-cast appearance. And the motor is made of steel. Its life is more durable. Precision gears. Blades. Bearings. Made of materials imported from Japan. The gears are very durable. The service life is extended by more than 100%. Models above 4" are all limited speed devices. When overloaded. they can automatically stop the action. Start the user safety mechanism. Not every manufacturer is willing to spend such a cost to design. We are one of the few manufacturers who are willing to spend this cost. You think of it. We have been You did it. You may not have thought of it yet. We have already thought of you and worked hard to do it.All products have passed the international standard CE certification.

Air Inlet type: PT.NTP.PF.BSP. Air hose:3/8".1/2".3/4".