Air Die Grinders

AIRBOSS pneumatic tools produce a variety of industrial grade grinding products. They are widely used in the mineral industry, shipbuilding industry, mold manufacturing, bridge rail transit, and automobile industry. Among them, the characteristics of the DG series of engraving machines are as follows:

Die grinder body is steel. It is more robust and durable. The blades are imported from Italy and Japan. High strength, wear resistance, low expansion coefficient and long service life. Really pure industrial products

The top brand professional bearings imported from Japan are wear-resistant, high temperature, low vibration and long service life.

The precision cylinder has good air tightness to avoid insufficient strength. Accurate concentricity. Low vibration. Stability. After grinding, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and flat

The best price-performance ratio. At the same time, there are professional products to meet different needs of customers. The product information of each specification is as follows: