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1/2"Light Weight Air Impact Wrench

Model : AW-80T 1/2"
Model: AW-80T. 1/2" Mini Air Impact Wrench, New Double Hammer(Twin Hammer). Bolt capacity: capacity: 16mm. The size is shorter than other similar models by more than 30%, the life of the steel motor is extended by 100%, and the tool life can exceed 30 %. The maximum torque of the super mini impact wrench is 450 (ft-lb) 610 NM and the weight is 2.62 (lbs) 1.19 (kg). It is suitable for auto repair.. The switch is enlarged. The marking is beautiful and easy to identify, and is ergonomic .Thread gauge configuration: NPT, BSP. PF.PT for different needs.
Model Bolt
Clutch Free Speed Suitable Torque Max Torque Overall Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
mm Mechanism r.p.m. ft-lb N.M. ft-lb N.M. mm lbs kg m3/min PT(in.) mm kg/c㎡
AW-80T 1/2" 15 Twin Hammer 9000 25 - 243 34 - 330 450 610 95 2.62 1.19 0.3 1/4" 6.4 6.3