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Air Drills & Air Spot Drills

Model : DR-68
Model: DR-68. Air drill. Drill Capacity: 9mm. 3/8" Rotation Free Speed: 2400 RPM. Exquisite appearance. Ergonomic. Suitable for furniture. Mold. Ship. Metal drilling. Automotive industry.Seesaw design. (The switch can be switched with one hand). Improve your work efficiency.
Model  Drill Capacity Free Speed Overall Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
mm  in.  r.p.m.  mm  lbs  kg m³/min  PT(in.)  mm kg/cm²
DR-68 9 3/8" 2400 178 2.4 1.1 0.6 1/4 6.4 6.3