• Air Straight Grinder - Roll

Air Straight Grinder - Roll

Model : SG-100HL-1
Model: SG-100HL-1 Product information parameters: 3" air straight grinder ((twist type)). Spindle thread size W3 / 8-16 (M) no load speed 12000 RPM .setting speed limiter. Powerful .Durable and specially designed for various milling and grinding projects. It can work in harsh environments. and it is comfortable to hold it smoothly. making it easier and more efficient to work. Weight is 5.9 (lb) 2.7 kg.Applicable to: shipbuilding. petroleum and petrochemical. mining and other heavy industry industries
Model Maximum Diameter Spindle
Thread Size
Free Speed Power Horsepower Overall Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
Grinding Wheel
mm in. in. r.p.m. w hp mm in. lbs kg m3/min ft3/min PT(in.) mm in. kg/cm2
SG-100HL-1 75×19×9.53 3×3/4×3/8 W3/8-16(M) 12000 690 0.9 585 23  1/32 5.9 2.7 0.8 28.2 3/8" 12.7 1/2" 6.3

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