• Air Vertical Grinders

Air Vertical Grinders

Model : AG-205J
Model: AG-205J Lever Type angle grinder. Wheel size is 9" large vertical angle grinder with wheel cover, Japanese style. Suitable for shipbuilding and petrochemical industry. Welding plane grinding. High efficiency. Make the workpiece smooth and flat. Weight 4kg.8.8lbs horsepower. 2hp
Model Maximum Diameter Spindle
Thread Size
Free Speed Power Horsepower Angle Head Height Overall Length Net Weight Air Consumption Air Inlet Air Hose Air Pressure
Grinding Wheel
mm in. in. r.p.m. w hp mm in. mm in. lbs kg m3/min ft3/min PT(in.) mm in. kg/cm2
AG-205J 180×6×22.2 9×1/4×7/8 M14x2.0P 7000 1491 2 192 7  9/16 247 9  23/32 8.8 4 1.6 56.5 1/2" 12.7 1/2" 6.3

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